Two Way Radio Communication

Being one of the UK’s leading 2-Way Radio solutions providers. Our expert team will ensure you have a radio solution that is designed to meet your criteria

Why choose a radio communications system?

The ultra reliable cost-effective radio solution allows instant communication with complete control. Radio allows everyone to be connected at a push of a button. The latest technology of Digital Radio, TETRA or Cellular (4G/5G) ensures we have a solution that is right for you.

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Digital Radio (DMR)

Digital Radios are a perfect solution for reliability and cost-effectiveness. We work with industry leading manufacturers to provide feature rich radios. These can work directly radio to radio or via a booster system, which significantly boosts the range of the system. Some of the features include Man Down, Lone Worker, Emergency calls and private calling. Whether you need coverage in a tunnel or acres of land OLAS will find the right solution for you.

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LTE Radios

Say goodbye to communication limitations with our innovative radios, designed to provide wide-area coverage without the need for repeaters or base stations. Our cutting-edge wide-area technology works on both cellular networks and WIFI, allowing dispersed teams to stay connected instantly, even across countries or continents. With our LTE Radios, you can be sure that your team will always be connected, no matter the distance.

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Radio Integration

Upgrade your team's safety with our advanced integration applications, compatible with all digital handsets. Receive instant alarms from fire panels, BMS, or any onsite system, ensuring your team stays safe and productive in any situation. With our cutting-edge technology, you can have peace of mind knowing that your team is protected around the clock.

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Body Cameras

Investing in body cameras can be a cost-effective solution for companies looking to increase safety and security. Unlike traditional security systems, body cameras are portable and can be used by employees across various locations. With over 8 million lone workers in the UK, body cameras can provide crucial protection for your employees, deterring potential perpetrators and reducing the risks of accidents or violence. Plus, in the event of an incident or dispute, they provide valuable evidence for investigations. With their portability and versatility, body cameras are an ideal solution for companies across industries. Don't take chances with your employees' safety – invest in body cameras today.

We work with a host of professional manufacturers to provide you the best performing two way radio communication system.

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